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Hotel Crockery

With guests dining daily, hotel crockery must be able to cope with constant handling and repeated wash cycles in order to function flawlessly day after day. In addition to this, hotel crockery must also create a warm and welcoming atmosphere to make dining a true delight, no matter what the meal. Terramesa is the epitome of this as the range combines durability with an unmistakeable rustic charm. Available in a choice of beautiful autumnal colours which effortlessly compliment any style of cuisine, Terramesa makes dining truly unforgettable for guests.

Another exceptional example of hotel crockery which effortlessly infuses strength and durability with style and individuality is Craft; renowned for its rich and lustrous hand painted glaze, Craft enhances any contemporary dining experience, providing an exquisite platform for serving truly beautiful dishes.

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Steelite COVID-19 Response

As our home state of Pennsylvania and our Country begin to open up, our employees, customers, and suppliers' health and safety remain our top priority. Steelite has been working from home with a core group of people maintaining our business since the mandatory shut down. As we continue to ramp up our operations, we will add resources to ensure no interruption of service. On June 1, our offices and distribution center in New Castle, PA, will be open with all the precautions in place to ensure the safety of our employees. For assistance, please email