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Deep Freeze

maintain the proper temperature

Keep your chilled buffet creations fresh & flavorful with Deep Freeze Bowls from Walco. These multi-sized bowls are designed with double-wall insulation and feature a patented gel chamber that can be frozen to help maintain a cooler temperature for longer. The double wall also prevents condensation on the outside of the bowl, creating a clean look for any buffet presentation. Complete with a tight sealing lid, the Walco Freeze Bowls are made of 18/10 stainless steel and are dishwasher safe.

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  • Deep Freeze Bowl  WL3WB425

    Deep Freeze Bowl
    25.4 cm (10.0") (4.5 qt) 

  • Deep Freeze Bowl  WL3WB275

    Deep Freeze Bowl
    21.91 cm (8.625") (3.0 qt) 

  • Deep Freeze Bowl  WL3WB150

    Deep Freeze Bowl
    17.78 cm (7.0") (1.5 qt) 

  • Deep Freeze Bowl  WL3WB750

    Deep Freeze Bowl
    30.48 cm (12.0") (8.0 qt) 

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