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the perfect imperfection

The Etna collection is inspired by the power of the eruption of the Sicilian volcano. The perfect imperfection of nature is engraved on the glasses and goblets, while light is reflected on the carvings and is multiplied on different levels enhancing the exceptional transparency of the Eco-Crystal.

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  • Goblet  667RCR328

    7.94 cm (3.125") 19.96 cl (6.75 oz) 

  • Large Goblet  667RCR327

    Large Goblet
    8.89 cm (3.5") 28.09 cl (9.5 oz) 

  • Champagne Flute  667RCR329

    Champagne Flute
    7.62 cm (3.0") 19.22 cl (6.5 oz) 

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