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Steak Knives

Steelite International strives to deliver tabletop solutions which exude beauty and style while also providing the strength and durability that is required in the catering industry. Nowhere is this clearer than through our exquisite collection of steak knives. Subjected to a special firing process, Laguiole steak knives offer ultimate blade flexibility to produce a perfect cut every time. With a beautiful selection of handles available, including elegant ABS plastic ivory, sleek stainless steel or a confident and bold carbon matte, Laguiole steak knives are perfectly suited to a range of dining environments. Varick steak knives offer a timeless and classic design which looks perfectly at home within both traditional and modern styled interior. Crafted from 13/0 stainless steel and renowned for their superior shine, perfect balance, and ultimate strength, Varick steak knives are a versatile option for any tabletop. Both Laguiole and Varick offer serrated and sharpened blades to allow you to truly tailor your tabletop, providing guests with a memorable dining experience. For further information about our steak knives collection, please contact the Steelite International team today. Using our wish list tool you can also gather your perfect tabletop solutions with our wide array of steak knives and restaurant flatware, allowing you to create a unique dining experience for your diners.

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