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Cast Iron

convenient oven to table service
Featuring natural durability, even heat distribution, and high heat retention, Creations Cast Iron is an optimal choice for transferring food directly from oven to table when paired with matching Creations wood trays. Practically indestructible, these vessels have a non-stick finish for easy clean up and are oven safe up to 500°F.

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  • Cast Iron  7361MW200

    Cast Iron
    42.14 cl (14.25 oz) 

  • Wooden Tray  7360MW100

    Wooden Tray

  • Cast Iron  7361MW201

    Cast Iron
    39.18 cl (13.25 oz) 

  • Wooden Tray  7360MW101

    Wooden Tray

  • Cast Iron  7361MW202

    Cast Iron
    40.66 cl (13.75 oz) 

  • Wooden Tray  7360MW102

    Wooden Tray

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