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Modern Twist

the evolution of a functional linen for tabletop

Modern-twist inspires a better dining experience through design, function, and social responsibility by producing innovative, quality products. Using pure, hand printed silicone, Modern-twist has successfully created a line of placemats, table runners and trivets that are eco-friendly and 100% food safe. Currently used in top hotels, restaurants and airports worldwide, these linens are commercial dishwasher safe, BPA free, and have no memory so they always lay flat. With a look as elegant as cloth and more functional than vinyl, Modern-twist is the perfect addition to your dining room table.

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  • Cloud Hive Trivet  MTTVHI00107

    Cloud Hive Trivet
    17.8 cm (7") 

  • Graphite Hive Trivet  MTTVHI00307

    Graphite Hive Trivet
    17.8 cm (7") 

  • Midnite Hive Trivet  MTTVHI00407

    Midnite Hive Trivet
    17.8 cm (7") 

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