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Punch Barrels  

introducing the perfect party companion
The Nantucket & Bon Bon Punch Barrels provide an authentic rustic feel to your foodservice presentation. Available in a few sizes, these dispensers are perfect for outdoor parties, hotel lobbies, buffets and more. With features like clip top lids, acacia stands, and easy-to-use taps, these barrels are perfect for serving freshly squeezed lemonade, infused waters or pre-batched cocktails.

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  • Drink Dispenser  UR90034

    Drink Dispenser
    26.04 cm (10.25") (8.5 qt) 

  • Drink Dispenser  UR90030

    Drink Dispenser
    21.27 cm (8.375") (9.0 qt) 

  • Stand or Bowl  UJMP829

    Stand or Bowl
    21.59 cm (8.5") 

  • Drink Dispenser  UR90033

    Drink Dispenser
    16.51 cm (6.5") (5.0 qt) 

  • Stand or Bowl  UJMP831

    Stand or Bowl
    17.15 cm (6.75") 

  • Drink Dispenser Stand  UR90135

    Drink Dispenser Stand
    21.27 cm (8.375") 

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