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Blue Dapple Melamine  

simply beautiful melamine
The classic Performance Blue Dapple is now available in melamine! With a white body and faded royal blue rim, this simply beautiful collection is available in coupe plates and bowls as well as a rectangle tray. Extend your dining room service to outdoor patios and rooftops with the benefits of break resistant melamine, or mix and match with existing patterns to create a unique tabletop presentation.

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  • Coupe Plate  7068MM304

    Coupe Plate
    25.4 cm (10") 

  • Coupe Plate  7068MM303

    Coupe Plate
    20.3 cm (8") 

  • Coupe Plate  7068MM305

    Coupe Plate
    15.2 cm (6") 

  • Rectangle Tray  7068MM300

    Rectangle Tray
    30.5 cm (12") 

  • Coupe Bowl  7068MM301

    Coupe Bowl
    25.4 cm (10") 112.4 cl (38 oz) 

  • Coupe Bowl  7068MM302

    Coupe Bowl
    21.6 cm (8 1/2") 79.8 cl (27 oz) 

  • Coupe Bowl  7068MM313

    Coupe Bowl
    16.5 cm (6 1/2") 44.4 cl (15 oz) 

  • Coupe Bowl  7068MM315

    Coupe Bowl
    11.7 cm (4 5/8") 14.8 cl (5 oz) 

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