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the ultimate teapot
This newly-designed teapot is elegant, yet functional and perfect for pouring an exceptional cup of tea every time. Its carefully crafted design allows for great heat retention, a comfortable and easy grip, and a defining spout that showcases each pour. Paying homage to tradition, the teapot is playful, entertaining, timeless, highly functional, and most importantly, a joy to use.

  • the stable, rounded shape helps retain heat in the liquid in the most efficient manner 
  • an open aperture lid provides a cleaner look and an easy grip, while avoiding damage or breakage similar to that of a traditional knob 
  • the semi-circle handle is simple and sturdy, designed to ensure close aesthetic affinity with the lid 
  • the spout is a fine balance of thickness, shape, and length, while highlighting a unique crevice in the top of the spout that has been cut back to provide a clear vision of the tea as it emerges from the pot

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