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Sauce Boats

D.W. Haber & Son was started in 1902 as a silver repair company and has since grown into a leading manufacturer of hollowware and buffet products for the hospitality industry. Together, Steelite and D.W. Haber have a passion for developing exciting new products and trends, while also focusing on continually improving the features and performance of existing products. Their mission to consistently create unique, reliable foodservice equipment
with a focus on durability, style, and functionality remains unsurpassed in the industry.

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  • Sauce Boat  DW1008

    Sauce Boat
    20.3 cm (8") 23.7 cl (8 oz) 

  • Sauce Boat  DW1014

    Sauce Boat
    25.4 cm (10") 41.4 cl (14 oz) 

  • Sauce Boat  DW8011SS

    Sauce Boat
    24.1 cm (9 1/2") 32.5 cl (11 oz) 

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