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ambitiously advanced, crafted to last
With thin laser-cut rims, pulled stem technology, and the XLT Treatment, Electra offers a wide range of modern and sophisticated stemware for even the most discerning taste. Boasting a dazzling shine and a completely transparent finish, whether hosting a rare wine tasting or decanting a perfectly paired vintage, Electra’s elegant design and transparent finish provide the ultimate complement for any event. The XLT treatment is guaranteed to last the lifetime of the product and will not wear with time.

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  • Electra Xl Stw

    Electra Xl Stw
    22 oz 

  • 4995Q741
    18 1/2 oz 

  • 4995Q743
    15 oz 

  • 4995Q744
    11 3/4 oz 

  • 4995Q745
    6 1/2 oz 

  • Electra Champagne Flut...

    Electra Champagne Flut...
    7 3/4 oz 

  • 4995Q742
    15 oz 

  • 4995Q748
    13 1/4 oz 

  • Electra Dof

    Electra Dof
    12 3/4 oz 

  • 4995Q750
    54 1/2 oz 

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