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Signature Glassware  

elevated beverage experience

Complement any fine dining presentation with the elegance of William Edwards Glassware. This collection of stems is hand blown with precision, creating a glass that’s perfectly lightweight and ideal for serving luxurious cocktails. Its minimalist design and crystal clear bowl allows the opportunity to be paired with a premium wine or spirit, creating an elevated beverage experience every time.

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  • Half Martini  83000WE351

    Half Martini
    7.94 cm (3.125") 13.31 cl (4.5 oz) 

  • Champagne Coupe  83000WE212

    Champagne Coupe
    8.57 cm (3.375") 17.0 cl (5.75 oz) 

  • Nick & Nora  83000WE951

    Nick & Nora
    6.67 cm (2.625") 14.05 cl (4.75 oz) 

  • Long Stem Martini  83000WE354

    Long Stem Martini
    10.48 cm (4.125") 24.4 cl (8.25 oz) 

  • Long Stem Champagne Co...  83000WE112

    Long Stem Champagne Co...
    10.8 cm (4.25") 28.09 cl (9.5 oz) 

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