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modern, uncompromising design

The conical shape of Eclipse is designed to intensify the aroma of a drink by allowing the liquid to settle in the lower part of the glass and then released & intensified as it’s tipped toward the lips. Ideal for beverages such as craft beer and delicate cocktails, Eclipse provides a modern design that accents a well-set tabletop presentation.

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  • Long Drink  480138R001

    Long Drink
    8.89 cm (3.5") 48.06 cl (16.25 oz) 

  • Double Old Fashion  480138R003

    Double Old Fashion
    10.16 cm (4.0") 47.32 cl (16.0 oz) 

  • Old Fashion  480138R004

    Old Fashion
    9.53 cm (3.75") 37.71 cl (12.75 oz) 

  • Juice Tumbler  480138R002

    Juice Tumbler
    7.62 cm (3.0") 36.23 cl (12.25 oz) 

  • Mineral Water Glass  480138R005

    Mineral Water Glass
    8.57 cm (3.375") 28.83 cl (9.75 oz) 

  • Shot Glass  480138R006

    Shot Glass
    4.45 cm (1.75") 5.91 cl (2.0 oz) 

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