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Touchless Faucets  

reducing the spread of germs

Pouring a cup of coffee or juice just got easier with D.W. Haber’s Touchless Faucets. Simply press a cup against the dispenser to activate the flow and pull away once filled. The Touchless Plus is hands and drip-free, and its wide body targets the side of the glass and not the rim, which ultimately reduces the spread of germs. Made of 18/10 stainless steel, the spouts are resistant to rust. The Touchless Faucet fits any D.W. Haber and WNK urn or juicer, while the Touchless Plus fits all except Teak and Fusion.

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  • Touchless Plus Faucet...  DWFCTHDL3DNTSS

    Touchless Plus Faucet...
    14 cm (5 1/2") 

  • Touchless Faucet Handl...  DWFCTHDL3WNTSS

    Touchless Faucet Handl...
    12.1 cm (4 3/4") 

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