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Mini Bottles  

reminiscent of old fashioned milk bottles

Sized for countless uses from dressings and condiments to beverages and cocktail mixers, these clear glass bottles by Creations are a great solution for single serve. Enhance your to-go beverage service or offer a unique dine in presentation, but either way you can seal them with a metal lid that best suits your style – available in copper, white, black, silver or gold.

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  • Black Lid  6450BW020

    Black Lid
    5.1 cm (2") 

  • Copper Lid  6450BW018

    Copper Lid
    5.1 cm (2") 

  • Gold Lid  6450BW019

    Gold Lid
    5.1 cm (2") 

  • Silver Lid  6450BW017

    Silver Lid
    5.1 cm (2") 

  • White Lid  6450BW021

    White Lid
    5.1 cm (2") 

  • Mini Bottle  6450BW016

    Mini Bottle
    50.3 cl (17 oz) 

  • Mini Bottle  6450BW015

    Mini Bottle
    25.1 cl (8 1/2 oz) 

  • Mini Bottle  6450BW014

    Mini Bottle
    19.9 cl (6 3/4 oz) 

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