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delivering innovative, yet versatile collections
Prepare to indulge in the pleasure of setting a table that reflects an impeccable sense of style. Crafted with a perfect blend of innovation and versatility, Nude glassware ranges are designed to enhance any table setting, leaving a lasting impression.

• From casual dining to upscale service
• Radiant and transparent crystalline
• Modern glass designs

A selection of the glassware ranges are made from fine lead free crystal giving clarity and finer rims.
Glasswasher Safe
This product is suitable for standard glasswasher use.

create a custom experience
Etch your company’s logo on your glassware for brand recognition while indicating the desired pour line
for your staff’s reference. Steelite International’s ‘laser-true’ technology gives you the opportunity
to create a unique addition to your tabletop and a cost-saving solution for your business.

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