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The range of tableware within the Performance collection has been developed to meet the most demanding standards of practicality and presentation. Offering an unrivaled combination of exceptional durability and aesthetic appeal, Performance will showcase your food to perfection, creating an impactful first impression.

  • stunning design with outstanding durability
  • exceptional resistance to mechanical and thermal shock
  • high alumina vitrified china for long lasting performance
  • an extensive selection of shapes, patterns and colors
  • complemented by a stylish selection of oven-to-tableware
  • freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe

We want you to be as confident in our product as we are - which is why we continue to stand by our worldwide Lifetime Edge Chip Warranty. Applicable to all items manufactured as part of our Performance range, the warranty covers each item for life.*

Performance (25)

New Ranges


Aurora uses reactive glazes in combination to achieve stunning colour and contrast effects.

An artisan approach is used in decorating each piece of Aurora by hand. This accentuates the individuality and craftsmanship required in its creation and gives each piece its personality. Two reactive glazes are used on each item, either to create contrast, or to achieve a more sophisticated tonal look. In either case, the effect is one of richness and vibrancy, enhancing the creativity associated with many cuisine types.

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Revolution Edge

The use of hand-applied reactive glazes on Revolution Edge frames food beautifully, allowing for a slightly more formal approach to relaxed presentations. Revolution Edge allows food to be presented on a clean white platform complemented by a contrasting colour field. This has the effect of highlighting Chef’s creativity, allowing it to speak for itself.

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The Nordic region has become synonymous with Chef’s skills in developing dishes utilising the very best local ingredients and presenting them in a sympathetic and contemporary manner.

Such an important culinary aesthetic deserves its own platform and the new Nordic range encompasses these shared design values. The simple but sophisticated plate profiles allow Chef the space to present dishes that can ‘breathe’ whilst simultaneously being framed by a deep, gently curving rim. This enables the ultimate showcasing of some of the most innovative and influential cuisine.

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