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eliminate spills & splashes
Make a statement with your beverage service with Royce stainless steel hollowware from Creations. The easy to hold, slanted ergonomic handle allows servers to balance and pour beverages with perfection, while the brushed finish provides a sleek look and reduces the appearance of fingerprints. Royce’s tall & slender body will reduce the footprint on the table or buffet, and clever features like longer spouts and ice guards will help eliminate a majority of spills & splashes.

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  • Coffee Pot  7347MW153

    Coffee Pot
    64 oz 

  • Teapot w/Lid  7347MW148

    Teapot w/Lid
    17 oz 

  • Water Pitcher  7347MW152

    Water Pitcher
    17 cm (6 5/8") 64 oz 

  • Stainless Steel Creame...  7347MW145

    Stainless Steel Creame...
    9 oz 

  • Stainless Steel Sugar...  7347MW143

    Stainless Steel Sugar...

  • Replacement Lid (Fits7...  7347MW151

    Replacement Lid (Fits7...

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