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Laguiole Vintage Cheese Knives  

trendy & contemporary
Sharpened to perfection, the stainless steel cheese knives by Jean Dubost are a beautiful accessory to any buffet presentation. Available in four different shapes, the knives are great to mix and match and the vintage finish provides a trendy, contemporary look.

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  • Spreader  5402S033

    23.18 cm (9 1/8") 

  • Parmesan Cheese Knife  5402S034

    Parmesan Cheese Knife
    21.59 cm 8 1/2") 

  • Cheese Cleaver  5402S030

    Cheese Cleaver
    21.3cm (8 3/8") 

  • Cheese Knife  5402S163

    Cheese Knife
    23cm (9") 

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