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Catering Porcelain

If chosen correctly, catering porcelain can enhance the visual impact of any tabletop presentation whilst effortlessly stimulating the senses of your guests. Catering porcelain must exude a truly delicate and exquisite charm and the unique shapes and styles of every piece must sit gracefully on the tabletop.

Sonata is an example of truly beautiful catering porcelain which adds a sophisticated air to any dining experience. Designed with creativity and detail in mind, Sonata features an embossment of radiant lines which draw the guest’s attention to the well of the plate or bowl, placing an emphasis on the exquisite cuisine being served.

Aura is another exceptional example of catering porcelain which flawlessly meets the daily demands of modern food preparation. Featuring cups, saucers, bowls, plates and much more, Aura embraces functionality without sacrificing style. With three contemporary flatware shapes available, Aura catering porcelain is truly versatile, allowing you to serve food in a creative and sophisticated manner.

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