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Fido Jars

“go green” in any venue with glass bottles & jars
An extension of Steelite’s continued commitment to our environment, these eco-friendly products are sure to impress. Offering solutions for beverage and food service, as well as storage and canning, Steelite has a variety of glass vessels that make for a unique display. 

Fido Clear Jar without Lid

SKU 4949Q467
Pattern Fido Jars (4949)
Material Soda Lime
Size 7 3/4 oz
Capacity 7 3/4 oz
Item Weight 0.374 lb
Carton Pcs 12
Carton Volume 0.25 cu. ft
Carton Weight 5 lb
Barcode 0105018461581025
EAN 0105018461581025

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