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Cutting edge designs are here! Introducing Carve from Aspen drinkware, this collection will revolutionize the dining experience. Made up of a virtually unbreakable polycrystal material, Carve has the look and feel of real glass and is perfect for any dining occasion. The unique facets provide an eye-catching element that operators desire and offer a comfortable & secure hold for diners.

Highland Cut Tumbler

SKU 7030DR048
Pattern Carve (7030)
Material Polycrystal
Size 8 cm (3.15") 26.62 cl (9 oz)
Height 9.200 cm (3.625")
Max Diameter 8.001 cm (3.15")
Bottom Diameter 7.303 cm (2.875")
Top Diameter 7.303 cm (2.875")
Capacity 9 oz
Item Weight 0.4 lb
Carton Pcs 24
Carton Volume 0.665 cu. ft
Carton Weight 10.0 lb
Carton Dimensions 13.583 x 10.236 x 8.268 inches
Barcode 105000000000000

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