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Brown Dapple

Rustic & minimal at the same time Brown Dapple blends effortlessly with the Craft offer allowing new and refreshed presentations to emerge.

Cool coupes and stacking bowls help deliver elevated styles of food. Whilst appearances may remind us of a bygone time the items and function of the pieces are extremely practical for todays busy kitchens and fast pace service.

Jug LiV Unhandled

SKU 1714X0031
Pattern Brown Dapple (1714)
Material Alumina Vitrified
Size 8.5cl (3oz)
Capacity 3 oz
Item Weight 1.7 lb
Carton Pcs 12
Carton Volume 0.62 cu. ft
Carton Weight 20.37 lb
Carton Dimensions 131.5 x 69.3 x 74.8 inches
Barcode 0105018461539637
EAN 5018461539637

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