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As a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of dinnerware, glassware and flatware, Steelite International strives to provide the hospitality sector with innovation, variety and style. From modern fine dining, to casual bistro dining and buffet service, our collections effortlessly combine beauty with practicality to deliver an ideal tabletop solution that is memorable.

Steelite Distinction provides chefs with the platform to create truly stunning food presentations, combining outward beauty with an innate strength. Ideally suited to fine dining and banqueting, Willow features a flawless white body and delicate embossments which reflect the light above to create a truly show stopping presentation. With delicate swirled embossment Spyro effortlessly adds an air of elegance and sophistication to the tabletop while still encompassing high strength and durability. With a lustrous deep black textured surface that is inspired by ancient Japanese Tenmoku glazes, Koto is perfect for adding a dash of drama and excitement to the tabletop.

Steelite Performance offers a lifetime edge-chip warranty, making it the perfect dinnerware choice for demanding environments often found in bars, diners and coffee shops. The Simplicity range offers an understated chic style, while Terramesa combines practicality and strength with a warm and rustic style to create a delightful dining experience for all involved.

Our melamine dinnerware collections are fast becoming a popular choice across the catering industry. Designed to mimic the look of fine china, each piece is lightweight and is virtually indestructible. Perfectly suited to high volume restaurants, universities and outdoor dining, each range offers exceptional practicality without compromising on style. With a delicate embossment that sits at the edge of each plate, bowl or platter, the Aura dinnerware collection adds an air of elegance and sophistication to any dining experience. In contrast to this, Greystone adds a touch of drama to the tabletop with its textured surface and accented brown rim which is inspired by the ancient technique of Tenmoku glazing.

As the demands of the catering industry can be diverse and at times demanding, choosing the right dinnerware and flatware is crucial to delivering a dining experience which is memorable and enjoyable. To give you some inspiration, the pages below offer suggestions for a variety of catering environments, from modern fine dining to casual dining.

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