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eclectic earth tones
The Alma dinnerware collection is offered in a variety of earth tones that take advantage of today’s trend toward a more eclectic and vintage tabletop. Decorated and enhanced with an individually applied reactive glaze, each Alma piece has a unique appearance from the look of falling lava on Tacana Azul to the light blue textile embossment of Tela Antigo. Additionally, La Tierra features a glossy, hand-brushed swirl on the face of each item while the underside boasts a soft, caramel-matte finish. Collectively, this coupe-styled range serves as an exceptional and exciting canvas for any food presentation.

Offering a unique assortment of shapes in a matte white glaze, the Brisa dinnerware collection portrays classic beauty with a modern twist. Its enamelware-inspired finish and hand-applied, reactive blue glaze on the rim and body make Brisa the perfect choice for rustic, outdoor-themed venues. The blue flecks and clean matte white body are a great canvas for beachside or coastal dining featuring fresh seafood. In any occasion, Brisa is a great choice to add that ‘something extra’ to your tabletop. 

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