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Bistro Catering Crockery

Catering crockery is a vital element of the bistro experience, helping to form the menu, style the dishes and complete the tabletop. Steelite Distinction’s Optik adds an air of sophistication and uniqueness to the tabletop; it’s bistro catering crockery with an innovative twist. Taste is an undeniably stylish range of bistro catering crockery from Steelite Performance – it’s crisp, clean and effortlessly classy. LiV is a practical choice of bistro catering crockery that reflects modern day life; it’s fun, edgy and casual, and it fits perfectly with the busy environment of a bistro.
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Steelite COVID-19 Response

As our home state of Pennsylvania and our Country begin to open up, our employees, customers, and suppliers' health and safety remain our top priority. Steelite has been working from home with a core group of people maintaining our business since the mandatory shut down. As we continue to ramp up our operations, we will add resources to ensure no interruption of service. On June 1, our offices and distribution center in New Castle, PA, will be open with all the precautions in place to ensure the safety of our employees. For assistance, please email