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Have you ever come across a glass that simply speaks for itself? A glass that is capable of exuding beauty and grace just by looking at it? These are the characteristics of the most recent product line from the Rona Collection, Gatsby. Featuring a vast selection of shapes and capacities, Gatsby showcases an optic panel, creating a unique bowl for every style beverage. Hand washing is recommended.

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  • Stemware
  • Water
  • Goblet Stw  480040R161

    Goblet Stw
    10 3/4 oz 

  • Martini Cocktail  480040R149

    Martini Cocktail
    9 1/2 oz 

  • Water Goblet  480040R159

    Water Goblet
    14 oz 

  • Goblet Stw  480040R143

    Goblet Stw
    5 1/4 oz 

  •   480040R146

    3 1/2 oz 

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