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inAlto Arte  ★★★★

The elegance you want, the durability you need

“In alto i calici” is the traditional Italian phrase meaning to “Raise your glasses” before a toast. The inAlto collection is our toast to fine Italian design and was created with the restaurateur in mind; providing the elegance you want, and the durability you need. The distinctive angles and tall, thin stem beautifully enhance a table setting. The brilliancy of Star Glass provides the guest with an exceptional wine tasting experience, while the durability of the XLT strengthened stem maximizes operator value. InAlto exemplifies the passion of Italian design, grace and quality.

• Bormioli Rocco's exclusive composition of crystal glass provides a brilliancy that allows your patron to view the wine's color and clarity without distortion. *Star Glass is ISO IWA 8:2009 certified for non-colored, ultra-clear glass.

• Laser cut rims are thin and precise, elevating your patron's perception if the wine.

• Balanced distribution of glass at the point where the stem is pulled from the bowl, resulting in a light well balanced glass.

• An exclusive treatment added to the stem resulting in increased resistance to breakage due to the rigorous demands of the food service industry. XLT is added when the glass is hot to ensure it will not wash off over time.

• Pulled stem creates tall and elegant stems, while increasing durability by eliminating the seam found in adjoined stems.

• Foot is thin and flat, providing maximum stability without being obtrusive.

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