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Millenium Coffee Urns  

beverage service done right

Serve warm and cold beverages the right way with D.W. Haber’s collection of sterno and vacuum insulated coffee urns. All urns are available in Tempo, Tower and Millennium.

Never worry about warm or burnt coffee again with the vacuum insulated urns. The convenient vacuum technology keeps coffee at 165°F for five hours in a 5-gallon urn and over three hours in a 3-gallon urn without preheating.

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  • Sterno Urn  DW31DSS

    Sterno Urn
    33 cm (13") 5.7 L (1 1/2 gal) 

  • Vacuum Insulated Urn  DW31DTVACSS

    Vacuum Insulated Urn
    35.6 cm (14") 5.7 L (1 1/2 gal) 

  • Sterno Urn  DW33DSS

    Sterno Urn
    35.6 cm (14") 11.4 L (3 gal) 

  • Vacuum Insulated Urn  DW33DTVACSS

    Vacuum Insulated Urn
    38.1 cm (15") 11.4 L (3 gal) 

  • Sterno Urn  DW35DSS

    Sterno Urn
    38.1 cm (15") 19 L (5 gal) 

  • Vacuum Insulated Urn  DW35DTVACSS

    Vacuum Insulated Urn
    43.2 cm (17") 19 L (5 gal) 

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