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WNK Induction Chafers

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WNK Induction Chafers  

Steelite International expands our buffet service collections with the addition of Worthy, Noble & Kent 18/10 stainless steel induction chafers. The tempered glass lid provides clear visibility of the food without opening the lid which means greater heat retention and quality of food. The low profile keeps the chafer closer to the countertop surface for better presentation and access to the food. The new Induction Chafers are not only stylish, they are a safer and more efficient way to display and serve food. Induction cooking and heating continues to be the wave of the future. It delivers consistent results and reduces the risk of scorching and overheating foods.

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  • Round Induction Chafer

    Round Induction Chafer
    4 5/8 Qts 

  • Stand w/Fuel Holder fo...

    Stand w/Fuel Holder fo...
    11 3/4" x 16 1/8" x 6 1/2" 

  • Round S/S Insert

    Round S/S Insert
    4 5/8 Qts 

  • Round Divided Porcelai...

    Round Divided Porcelai...
    2 1/2 Qts 

  • Round Porcelain Insert

    Round Porcelain Insert
    2 5/8 Qts 

  • Square Induction Chafe...

    Square Induction Chafe...
    6 5/8 Qts 

  • Stand w/Fuel Holder fo...

    Stand w/Fuel Holder fo...
    16 1/8" x 18 1/2" x 6 1/2" 

  • Square S/S Insert

    Square S/S Insert
    6 5/8 Qts 

  • Square Porcelain Inser...

    Square Porcelain Inser...
    3 5/8 Qts 

  • Fuel Holder

    Fuel Holder